Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain |Quick And Easy

Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain

Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain

Are you one of those people who can barely sleep without a painkiller every night? We often give excuses such as “I worked hard today, I’m exhausted. I cannot sleep without a painkiller.” One thing we often forget is that our brain listens to all the conversations we have with ourselves. You get used to taking painkillers almost every night because you feed that information in your head. Today, we have come up with a solution to the pain relief problem. We have a list of some natural painkillers that could easily be found in your kitchen and it would lead to pain relief.

1. Turmeric For Pain Relief

It is a very effective painkiller as it helps fight inflammation and infection in our bodies. Before going to bed every night instead of a painkiller boil some milk and add turmeric to it. Let it cool and drink it. It will help you get relief from joint pain and muscle pain you might confront after a hectic day.

2. Ginger For Pain Relief

It is an effective painkiller that helps in muscle relaxation. It also cures internal swelling. During periods girls and women often experience cramps. Ginger could help in relief from pain.

Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain
Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain

3. Carom Seeds For Pain Relief

Carom seeds have many benefits. It can help cure toothache if applied with olive oil and water. Further to that, it also relieves stomach bloating and gas. You just need to mix carom seeds with black salt and lukewarm water. Drinking this would help you get relief from abdominal pain.

4. Clove 

Clove helps in getting relief from toothache quickly. It is often prescribed by the dentist.  It also relieves the pain associated with headaches and arthritic inflammation.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

From ancient times this remedy is used to get relief from various problems. It helps in relieving joint pain, backache, knee pain, etc. All you need to do is making its powder and drink it with water every morning.

6. Banana For Pain Relief

It contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium that helps in relieving muscle pain and stiffness in our body.

7. Salt-Last But Not Least

It works best in throat soreness. All that you need is a glass of water and one teaspoon of salt. Gargle with this water for 5-6 minutes and you will instantly feel relieved. It not only cures soreness but also fights infection.

After a hectic day, when your legs get stiff from pain. You need to fill a tub with hot water and add a little salt to it. Put your legs in the tub and relax. After a while, you will notice the relief. The relaxation felt after this is better than any pain killer you’ve ever taken.

Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain
Pain Relief: 7 Natural Ways To Relieve Body Pain

These were some simple and easily available remedies to relieve pain. After using it for certain days, you see that change and will throw away all those little tablets. Those tablets are affecting your body badly. In taking such medicines without a prescription could cause something much worse than you can imagine. Hence, use these natural remedies and protect your body from these harmful tablets.

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