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How To Choose Good Anti Aging Creams

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Many of these ingredients are not effective or even harmful to your skin. Here are some ingredients that you should look for in an anti-wrinkle cream and why they are not good for your skin.

One of the main problems people have when it comes to face wrinkles is the loss of collagen and elastin. The main cause for this is through UV radiation from the sun. This is why the best anti-aging creams will contain a good variety of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These help to prevent free radical damage. Free radicals do many things including destroying the skin cells, destroying DNA, and causing inflammation which results in wrinkles.

New Cell Growth

Another thing an anti-aging product should do is stimulate new cell growth. There is simply no replacement for the loss of collagen and elastin due to the natural process of aging. A good anti-aging cream will contain substances such as Cynergy TK which is extracted from the wool of sheep in New Zealand. This substance helps to make the skin more elastic and firm.

It has been found that plant extracts help to promote new cell growth as well. The best ingredients in a moisturizing cream will include Vitamin E, avocado oil, grape seed oil and macadamia oil. Avocado oil is a great emollient that will soften the skin without adding excess oil. Macadamia oil is an excellent moisturizer and contains many vitamins. In order to get the most benefits from an anti wrinkle moisturizer, you want to apply it all over your body, not just on the face.

The SPF Level

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Another factor in finding the best anti aging creams is the SPF level. The higher the SPF level, the greater protection your skin can receive. The reason for SPF is for the sun. When you get out in the sun, your skin can become easily damaged by UV rays. Sunscreen will help to protect you from these rays and any damage they may do to your skin. Be sure to buy a high SPF moisturizing cream.

The third factor to look for in an anti-aging moisturizing cream is the ingredients it contains. Most creams will list some type of antioxidant or soothing agent included. These are good things. antioxidants are good for the body and help to eliminate free radicals that build up in our cells over time. While there are other compounds available that work just as effectively, the majority of the creams being produced use ingredients that have proven benefits.


The last factor in determining that the best anti aging creams are price. Many of these creams are very expensive. While it is true that some of them do not work as well as the top brands, it is important to realize that many of the brand name companies spend more money on research and development than they do on the actual production of their product.

In short, these companies spend more time and money on researching the ingredients they put into their skin care products than they do the actual manufacturing process.

Final Words

The best anti-aging creams are the ones that contain the right amount of active ingredients, use the right amount of antioxidants, and cost less than $30 per bottle. These are the creams you want to use. With the right skin care regimen and a good anti-aging cream, you can attain younger looking skin that is healthy and beautiful.

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